Have you ever written on a shirt with chalk? Now it’s time to try it with this new Hungarian invention!

The genius invention of a hungarian father of 4 , the ‘TalkerDIY’ can be a unique device for marketing, a great entertainment or even a creative educational tool at the same time.

The brilliance of his invention lies in its simplicity. You can write short messages with a simple chalk marker on t-shirts, aprons, hats and gym bags. Even more it’s not only that you can write on the surface whatever you want, you can also erase these messages with a wet sponge, just like from a school board. Only our imagination sets the limit of how we use the Talker.

Talker DIY: school board and a T-shirt in one

The special  surface that was crated by the hungarian inventor, can be suitable for creating publicity messages, funny quotes, greetings and cute gags.

Anyone can use the ‘TalkerDIY’ in business life to raise awarness among his/her customers, patiens and clients as well as  surprise his/her students, family members or friends.

  • Talker DIY makes people smile for sure. And as we know, smile is the best seller, says Miklós Bonyár, 47, inventor, in-store marketing specialst, ex-media expert, the owner of the hungarian company producing bonyArt design products.


Writable surface with chalk for funny messages or publicities

– It’s so amazing how diverse and creative ways can be used the Talker DIY. Herald, a nice client of mine, a butcher, created the writable surface on his apron that has a shape of a pig. So the butcher marks every day what is the deal of the day. I also like that idea when an other client  from the radio used this surface on the back of the shirt of  his hostesses on an event, saying ‘Don’t look at my butt, listen to my radio instead!’ – tells  the businessman.

The ‘TalkerDIY’  is not only used in retail businesses and in catering to outline daily menus or promote products that are on sale. The Talker surface is perfect to boost up the mood of a family- or a kids party, a workplace or a business event.

It’s the perfect gift idea for birthdays and anniversaries to recall the memories and quotes of the celebrated person. For christmas or eastern there are specially made christmas tree and eastern bunny shaped surfaced Talkers. The writable surfaces that can be the big hits of a business events of companies.

The ‘TalkerDIY’ is not a T-shirt. It’s a special surface of different shapes (heart, owl, hedgehog, coffecup, pig..etc.) that can be ironed on T-shirts. You can get the Talker products in 3 sizes (baby, kids and adult), it’s washable by washing machine and the writeable surface with chalk remains after washing it.

Businesses, kindergardens, schools, youth camps, sport clubs and any other communities can use the Talker DIY to whom creativity and humor is an indispensable element in life.

The response of the inventor to the question what would he write on his own t-shirt if he would be a teacher for a day is: „I don’t know anything.”. In case he would be a student, he would write on „If you can tell me what am I doing here, than I’ll stay!”.

The idea of the product that make people smile was born at a show, where I saw a guy walking around with a small chalk board hanging from his neck. He was advertising his own stand at the show. That’s when I thought that the board is absolutely unnecessary, a t-shirt would be enough. I made a research and I couldn’t find any satisfying and easily usable solution to do the job.

So I started to experiment and after a year  I succeeded. The fruit of this work is today the Talker product line – says the inventor.

The two younger childrend of the father of four are drawing popsticlke men at home on the Talker. His two teenagers are messaging their father on these surfaces saying: ‘Leave me alone!’.

The creator Miklós Bonyár is really proud of his company that had international success. He loves his colleagues and swears on it by laughing „Not only because they are all women!”

The creative professional always wanted to be as a child what he is today: an adult whitout tany of he classic company framework structures. He is like someone who can immediately change and react to everyday challenges that doesn’t have to wait for its bosses approval.

 The biggest dream of the inventor dad, who is a late bloomer himself, is „to visit the planet B612 and to meet the White Rabbit”.

Meanwhile this happens he cherises a really great buisness plan that he doesn’t want to share for now.

– I hope I will be able to tell the whole word by the Spring of 2019 that it succeeded! If so, I will reatire in 3 years. I have so much to catch up with, spending time with my kids, travelling, reading and visiting my friends around the world. By the way, we have to pass on the torch to the younger generations before they parch in waiting. – adds the inventor Miklós Bonyár with a grin on his face.

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